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Nashama Wellness

Pet Pee Room Spray 250mL

Pet Pee Room Spray 250mL

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Inspired by Jake the Cavalier Pup, Nashama Equine and Wellness's own Pet Pee Spray. 

In the search for a pee spray that actually works on eliminating the biological odour rather than just masking it, we came across a good base, added our own 100% natural, citrussy fragrance oils, and wa-la! Team it with one of our pet shampoos for a nose friendly home with pets.

Directions for Use

1. Shake well before spraying. (Product is naturally cloudy)

2. DO NOT spray on pet!

3. Test spray on an unobtrusive part of a fabrics and surfaces before using all over the fabric.

4. May also be used as a shoe or fabric deodoriser or an air freshener.

Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Triethyl Citrate.
CAS#'s: 7732-18-5, 9005-64-5, 122-99-6, 77-93-0

Vegan and vegetarian compliant

No animal testing in manufacture or ingredients

Use as a shoe, fabric or air spray to eliminate unpleasant odours as required.

Allergens:- Organic. Gluten, nut and vegan friendly. Premium natural fragrance oil. 


Please note: Product may be cloudy with some scents. While this product it technically skin safe, please patch test individuals as some irritation may occur in some people. Please patch test fabrics when using for the first time, and test all products for their desired application.

Our essential oils are used at 1-2% so are LOW FRAGRANCE as they are made to suit people who are unable to cope with highly scented products.

Returns  Policy - Refunds will be made only if the item is returned unopened in original condition and/or is faulty. We do not refund used product or change of mind.

Hand made in Australia from more than 50% Australian ingredients with  love by Nashama Wellness. Weight is generally between 95g and 120g. We  are a small batch cold process soap-maker and all bars are hand-cut individually, so weight varies slightly from bar to bar.

Weight is also dependent on stage of curing. All Nashama Wellness's Soaps are Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, cruelty  free, Fair Trade and environmentally and economically sustainable and  sustainable. They contain food grade, Australian sourced and/or grown ingredients which are organic where possible and certified sustainable. They contain tree nuts.


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