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Relax Essential Oil Blend Shower Steamer

Relax Essential Oil Blend Shower Steamer

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Relax - This blend is lovely to unwind with after a stressful day, just let it all go! A combination of lavender, bergamot, Bergamot, Australian Mandarin, Lemon, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile ideal to relax you after a stressful day.

Unlike many shower steamers on the market, our new shower steamer range are not a modified bath bomb recipe and are checked by a safety engineer to be as shower safe as possible while delivering the aromatherapy benefits of our new essential oil blends. They have the bonus of cleaning the shower floor while you use them, so make wonderful small gifts for any occasion, such as Secret Santa packages. What more can you ask for than a dual purpose product that cleans while it makes you feel good! While shapes may vary, all shower steamers are individually weighed at 50g at packing.

Directions – place on the shower floor in the stream of water away from your feet and enjoy the blend of essential oils that rise with the steam. This product is breathed in so please choose carefully. Shower use only. Do not use in the bath.

Allergens:- Vegan, Nut, Milk and Gluten friendly. ​

Pet Note:- Please be mindful that cats do not tolerate essential oils well.

Returns Policy - Refunds will be made only if the item is returned unopened in original condition. We do not refund used product or change of mind.

Hand made in Australia from Australian sourced ingredients with love by Nashama Wellness.

Weight is 50g at packing.

We are a small batch cold process soap-maker, and all bars are manufactured individually, so weight varies slightly from bar to bar. Weight is also dependent on stage of curing.

All Nashama Wellness's Soaps are Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, cruelty  free, Fair Trade and environmentally and economically sustainable and  sustainable. They contain food grade, Australian sourced and/or grown ingredients which are organic where possible and certified sustainable.


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