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SGF Black Drawing Balm 50g

SGF Black Drawing Balm 50g

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Snow Gum Farm Black Drawing Tallow Balm is an ages-old drawing salve with clay and charcoal which mirrors the skin’s own properties. To use, put some on a band aid and cover.

Our tallow is from our family farm’s grass finished Dexter beef cattle and our tallow products are , this is part of our nose to tail collaboration with Snow Gum Farm. Dexter cattle are a rare breed of cattle from Ireland and renowned for their versatility and hardiness.

Weight 50g.

Allergens:- Gluten and nut friendly. Contains 98% Australian Ingredients.​

Our essential oils are used at 1-2% so are LOW FRAGRANCE as they are made to suit people who are unable to cope with highly scented products.


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