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Into Nature Melt Collection

Into Nature Melt Collection

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Welcome to our Into Nature Collection of Fragrance Blocks/Melts. This collection is our garden and woods scents and encomasses things flora and fauna. Stop and smell the flowers, sit by a lily pond or breathe deep in the forest.

Bibliotheque (Type) - Rich and seductive woody fragrance inspired by Byredo's Bibliotheque. Top Notes: Peach, Plum Middle Notes: Peony, Violet, Jasmine Base Notes: Leather, Vanilla, Patchouli, White Musk

Ginger & Black Orchid - A seductive floral scent with an emphasis on the heady aroma of orchid and the unexpected touch of ginger root patchouli & musk. Top Notes: Bergamot Ginger Middle Notes: Orchid Heliotrope Base Notes: Patchouli Musk

Red Rose & Ruby Plum - Stop and smell the roses then take a bite of juicy plums. A distinct fruity floral that combines red rose and ruby plum notes with hints of sparkling cassis lily of the valley and star jasmine.

Top Notes: Ruby Plum Lemon

Middle Notes: Lily of the Valley Cassis

Base Notes: Star Jasmin Red Rose


Premium Australian fragrance oils. Please choose your fragrance. A Type, or Dupe is a version of an original fragrance which will be similar to the original fragrance of the same name. Our Melts are all pthalate free synthetic component fragrances. 

Soy Melts for use in oil burners designed for them.  A limited number of 6 melt packs are made and generally not re-made when they run out. Melts can be made to order as party favors with three weeks lead time and prepayment before manufacture.

6 pack of melts, totaling 65g. A melt pack gives approximately 20 hours of fragrance. A limited number of an Australian made blend of natural soy tarts are be available before we move to a olive and coconut wax for melts as our chandler does not tolerate soy well. Burner NOT included.

Please see our Fragrance oil page on our web site for full descriptions.

Nashama Equine & Wellness takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product. Please see our Candle Care and Safety Page on our web site for tips

Allergens:- As a primarily Paleo soapery, our soap is grain-free and highly processed oil free with all ingredients sourced from minimal chemical load locations. Our candles typically contain Australian manufactured candle blends of olive, soy and coconut and are 100% natural.

We use only Pthalate-free fragrance and certified child exploitation free colourants.

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