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Monster Bane Potion 125mL

Monster Bane Potion 125mL

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Monster Bane Potion is a orange blossom or lavender hydrosol for a Magician to spray at monsters' hiding places before going to sleep. A wand in one hand and the potion in the other, no monster dare come out all night so a Magician can get his or her beauty sleep!


Information for Parents & Grandparents of a Young Magician

Monster Bane is designed to assist the child to believe they are powerful and with a magic spray, can banish monsters for the night.

Monster Bane comes in a 125mL plastic container with a screw cap for transport and Mister Spray. This sized container is suitable for a child's hands.

Monster Bane is cosmetic grade hydrosol, which is skin safe.

Hydrosol, or flower water, is obtained during the distillation of Essential Oil, also known as. As a result, hydrosol water carries not just the aroma, but many of the properties of the flower it is distilled from. It can be used as in cosmetics, as a facial spritzer, or, in this case, a sleep-aid for a child.

Orange Flower, or Neroli, Hysdrosol has a refreshing, citrus-like aroma.

Lavender Flower Hydrosol has a sweet and light herbaceous aroma.

The bottle is PET and fully recyclable.

If the child does not like the Monster Bane, the adult can use Monster Bane as a face or body spritz, so the product is not wasted.


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