New Products

New Products

This week we are bringing a few new products online, and have a few in the pipeline and restocks.

Pet Products

NEW! In the shop are 7 bottles of the Pet Pee formulation we use at home. In an odour absorbing base, we use a Neroli and Bergamot natural fragrance oil. The product can be use on fabrics (please test first!) and as a room spray to dispel those penetrating odours from pet accidents. Julia developed this product when Jake was a puppy, after trying a few that promised to work but never really did. $24.99 per bottle.

Coming soon are an insecticidal pet shampoo, which will also be $24.99 per 250mL bottle, and a restock of our premier organic hoof product, Thrush and Abscess, which has had a price rise to $29.95 per tub. We still have 10 bottles of Indi's Formulation essential oil and aloe vera organic shampoo in stock. which is $30.00 per bottle. This is Jake's shampoo of choice.


Kid Products

At the request of a child some time ago, some Monster Bane Potion has been brewed. Monster Bane is hydrosol of either Orange Flower or Lavender Flower. In this case I had Orange in the back cupboard for a monster plagued youngling. Wand in one hand, Monster Bane in the the other, one zap and one squirt and young magicians slay their monsters for the night.

From the parental viewpoint, Monster Bane Potion is all natural and safe for children to spray around as long as they don't spray it in each others' eyes. Hydrosol is a by-product of essential oil distillation. If the child does not like the product, the chosen hydrosols are a great facial or body spritzer. Bonus! $24.95 per 125mL.


Home Fragrance

Home fragrance is happening.

Our diffuser base is bottled in 125mL containers awaiting it's fragrance oil. We have a vast range to choose from. We have chosen glass vessels with natural reeds to enhance the home and be environmentally friendly, PET bottes for transportation, and an ECO diffuser base. These products have a general fragrance oil. Our square glass vessels are in the shop with some more decorative, artisan vessels in the freight system. All diffusers come in a box and will be available as soon as our warning labels arrive. While for most labels we print at home, diffuser and candle warning labels are printed commercially.

A small number of EVA Aroma Beads are available in the shop. These products come in a safe PET container with an airflow lid and our range of natural fragrance oils and essential oil blends.

This product is available now for $19.95.




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