New In The Shop Today - Glass Soaps & Rebranding

New In The Shop Today - Glass Soaps & Rebranding

It has been a while between blogs due to rebranding. We took the decision late last year to streamline the shop workflow due to engineering work commitments, including the purchase of a label printer, better use of my label design software, new packaging, and, of course, a Shopify site. We still have the Open Food Network site, something we firmly believe in for our farm produced, organic, Paleo products, but, apart from the unwanted SPAM and scammers, we are very happy with the Shopify site, too.

Rebranding has forced a sort-out of the Soap Cave. consignment of some soaps that had botanicals, which are fine as soap but had browned, on them to the Seconds Bin and homeless youth charity we support. Our new labels and printer speed up the process considerably, and our new store allows us to do everything from Nashama Wellness HQ except drop your parcels into the post box.

Onwards to SOAP!

I found 70 Paleo and Organic Guest Soaps I had made but done nothing with except bag when rebranding. These soaps are 50-80 grams at packaging and are perfect for travel or making a guest feel special. They are in the shop for $4.95 each.

Shower steamers are selling quickly and it will not be long before we are able to move to our new format of smaller pieces to allow clients to better control how much they want to use. Some 3D printed shower steamer baskets have just arrived and will be in the shop shortly for $14.95.

End of year corporate gifts have been received by their intended recipients with a great deal of pleasure. This year's packs included two bars of our 100% Natural Soap, 1 bar of Fragrance oil soap, and a wax melt pack. Businesses should contact us by September if they want custom packs for their clients.


It's been a long while since I made Glass Soaps. I made some imbeds a while ago and decided to clear them out, and try out some of my large stash of pthalate free fragrance oils.

We have tried a few glycerine soap blends over the years but found an Australian company does produce the best low-sweat blends for our purposes as a primarily Paleo, natural, organic, cruelty, and exploitation-free soapery. Our fragrances are also Australian manufactured, so our Glass Soaps are 100% Australian sourced and manufactured.

The first soap is an ocean themed bar with the lovely sea-floral "Mermaid Kisses"fragrance. Dive into the enchanting world of Mermaid Kisses Fragrance oil, where floral femininity dances with a whisper of ocean breeze, caressing the essence of the woody base notes. My imbeds and shapes may differ in the future, but with zero reactions other than enjoyment to this fragrance, I think it may be a stayer, but that may just be my love of spa and ocean themed fragrances!

Top: French Rose Bud, Yellow Ginger Lily

Mid: Mandarin Orange

Base Notes: White Woods

The second soap is Velvet Rose. Velvet Rose is reminiscent of a deep, red, old fashioned damask rose. It embodies luxury and refinement, perfect for those who seek an old fashioned rich rose scent that exudes sophistication and leaves a lasting impression. This batch is a one off batch of 10 as I have so many floral fragrance oils to try!

Top notes: Italian Bergamot, Strawberry, Black Currant
Mid notes: Velvet Rose, Violet, Garden Geranium
Base notes: Baltic Amber, Cedarwood, Creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla Musk, Patchouli

Blue soap with meraid dolphin and palm tree

Due to the work involved in making the imbeds for these, they are more expensive than my normal soaps but worth it as a gift for yourself or someone special, at $11.95.

Keep an eye out in the shop for more Glass Soaps over the next few months, with some children themes. Glycerine soaps are so gentle they are perfect as children''s soaps. Who knows what might pop up in the shop - fish in bags, dinosaurs, Unicorns, jelly beans, perhaps even some lily ponds.

Unfortunately postage does continue to rise and is currently sitting at $17.25 per parcel, at last post. For postal orders, Nashama Wellness absorbs some of the cost of postage and all of the cost of packaging.

On a final note, something that is so true is that when you support a small business like ours, you do not just buy the best, natural skin care free of nasties, you support our small business, and the small Australian businesses we buy our supplies from.

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