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New in the Shop

Easter is here and I have some time off from the day job, study and farm life to catch up on some shop maintenance and photography. I will admit I have skulked off a few times to be creative, I have been collecting suitable fragrances and other things, and I am definitely looking forward to July, when I finish my VET Teacher Training and have some weekend back.

Since our last blog we have finally sorted out the ShopPay thing, made a few things and loaded some accessories into the shop.I am still playing with the interface but the same top quality, farmhouse made products are in their categories.

Our new packaging is being received with a great deal of pleasure when recipients open the compostible outer packaging.

Cleaning products and perfumes are on the product development list.

We finally have some glorious weather and have spent time in the garden.

Onwards to the new stuff!

New in the Shop

Home Fragrance

Home fragrance diffusers have been on the list for a while, but finding an ecologically kind diffuser base has taken some time. I will be stocking crystal diffusers with my most trusted fragrance oils. Those would be the ones yet to set any of the family asthmatics off coughing, sneezing or itching. Why fragrance oils? At nearly 15 years old, our old farm cat spends most of her time inside snoozing, and cats and essential oils are not good companions as cats lack the enzyme to metabolise them, so phtalate-free, high quality fragrance oils are the go (even so,, if you ahve a cat, be mindful of fragrancing). Diffusers will be available shortly in the shop and will come in a clear square jar with a bamboo lid, crystals of your choice, and be packaged in our beautiful printed cylinders.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars.

At long last I have made some shampoo and conditioner bars for the shop, rather than just for the family. 2 are in the shop now, Nettle and Rosemary Shampoo and Botanical 7 Complex Shampoo & Conditioner Bars with Tranquility natural fragrance set. These come packaged in recyclable BPA-free, Pet containers suitable for storing in the bathroom out of the shower. It is important to keep shampoo and conditioner bars dry when not in use.

Artisan Glass Soaps and Childrens' Soaps.

Our new soap range are our Glycerine, or Glass, soaps. Glycerine soap is a very gentle soap suited for young children. These soaps have a clear, glitter base with embeds for kids to find. We have Unicorn Farts, Owl Burps, Baby Shark (Pic) and Fruit to chose from, as well as some more suited to adults, like By The Lily Pond and Aloe and Terararium. We also have a goat's milk baby soap, suitable for babies over 6 months old, and a certified organic aloe soap in this range.


New Accessories

At long last I have loaded some more accessories I have had out the back for a while. 3D printed shower steamer baskets, soap dishes, shaving brushes and  kilner (bail) jars suitable for shaving soap are all in the shop. The 3D baskets are made right here in Australia by another little Aussie Business. What a clever idea, and lovely execution.Future plans for our accessories are to expand our soy melt burner range.

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